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Andreia and Tiago,
a Portuguese couple brought together by destiny and who fell in love with the Alentejo. A love story.

Andreia e Tiago - Vale Madalena.jpg

We are the proud owners of Vale Madalena, TOGETHER we found a perfect combination in this project that we started in 2022.


I, Andreia, am a medical doctor specialized in anti-aging medicine and have a passion for healthy cooking, meditation, and country life. Tiago is passionate about traditional Portuguese cuisine and food and is a master in the art of hosting friends and family.

When we started this project, we had the desire to honor the features of a typical Alentejo house. We wanted to create a cozy retreat where we could preserve Portuguese traditions, such as the use of natural woods, handmade ceramics, baskets, straw lamps, and Alentejo blankets made by local artisans.


At the same time, we sought to create a light and tranquil environment where one could feel the silence and rest that Alentejo provides.

Casa de campo. Turismo rural Alentejo. Serpa. Portuguese cottage - vale madalena.

More than just a property, Vale Madalena is our countryside home. It's a space where we welcome family and friends, cultivate special moments, and create memories: both ours and yours.

The kitchen, like in any family, is the heart of the house, where everything happens. It's where we gather around pots and pans, preparing culinary journeys accompanied by a good Alentejo wine. With our visitors, we want to share long conversations at sunset, under the shade of the cork tree, and laughter by the pool that takes us back in time, diving into our childhood memories at our grandparents' house.

The small pool, once a watering tank for the property, is the meeting point on hot days.

We wish to share this space with all the guests who visit us. We want you to feel at home, to experience the magic of reliving childhood summer vacation memories with family or friends.

We are excited to welcome you to Vale Madalena, where the tranquility of Alentejo and the beauty of nature come together to create special moments.

Welcome to our home!

Sejam bem-vindos à nossa casa!

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