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The European Union has created a website to support consumers in submitting their complaints about any disputes they are involved in. In this context, we provide all the information so that you can exercise your right to complain to an official, third-party, and impartial entity in the dispute resolution process ("dispute resolution entity") that will help you resolve the specific dispute.

Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with the purchase of a good or service, or with the solution we have presented to resolve the situation, you can access this official website at and present your objection.

What is alternative dispute resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution is the opportunity that all consumers have to resort to official entities that assist them in the resolution or guidance of conflicts before resorting to litigation in courts.

In general, the procedure is as follows: the customer asks an impartial third party to intervene as an intermediary between them and the merchant who is the target of their complaint. The intermediary may suggest a solution to their complaint, impose a solution on both parties, or bring the parties together to find a solution.

You might know the concept of alternative dispute resolution by another name: 'mediation,' 'conciliation,' 'arbitration,' or 'competent commission for consumer disputes.'

Alternative dispute resolution is generally less expensive, less formal, and faster than the judicial route.

In the case of consumer disputes, the consumer can resort to the following entities for alternative consumer dispute resolution:

- CNIACC – National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts

- CACCL – Center for Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of Lisbon

- CACCVA – Center for Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of Vale do Ave/Arbitral Tribunal

- CICAP – Consumer Information and Arbitration Center of Porto (Consumer Arbitral Tribunal)

- CIMAAL – Center for Information, Mediation, and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of Algarve

- CIAB – Center for Information, Mediation, and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts (Consumer Arbitral Tribunal)

- CIMPAS – Center for Information, Mediation, and Insurance Ombudsman

According to Law No. 144/2015 for dispute resolution, please consult:

- CNIACC – Phone: +351 21 384 7484 – Call for the national landline network

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