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I. Ambit of application

The terms and conditions of this document will apply to the relationship between the visitor (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”) and O VALE MADALENA, from the time the reservation is requested until the end of the accommodation period at O VALE MADALENA. Unless the Terms and Conditions are omitted, the applicable Portuguese legislation will apply.


II. Conclusion of the Contract

When requesting the reservation of a room, the Client makes a proposal of accommodation to O VALE MADALENA. If rooms are available, O VALE MADALENA will provide the Client with a reservation code.

The client is informed that room reservations at O VALE MADALENA made through third parties (tour operators or portals of internet room reservation) determine the issuance of reservation code, different from that issued directly by O VALE MADALENA is equally valid.

Requests for room reservations made directly to O VALE MADALENA or through third parties, shall not be binding O VALE MADALENA, to enter into a contract with the customer. O VALE MADALENA will always have the right to refuse to enter into a contract and to make the room available to at its sole and discretionary discretion.

O VALE MADALENA only guaranteed to the customer, the availability of one room of the reserved category.


III. Cancellation Types

Fully refundable cancellations up to 7 days before check-in, after this period will incur a 50% tax on the initial booking amount. CANCELLATIONS ON CHECK-IN DAY ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.

IV. Arrival and Departure

O VALE MADALENA will make available to the Client a room of the reserved category from the date of arrival or, if the Client has not done, the book and hire O VALE MADALENA at the reception of the accommodation, depending on the desired category and according to the availability of the accommodation, in principle from 14 hours and no later than 19 hours of the day of entry into the accommodation.

Upon the arrival of the accommodation, the Client must immediately pay the price due for the room, number of nights, and additional services.

Upon full payment of the price, O VALE MADALENA will provide the Customer with a room access code that will remain valid for the duration of the contracted stay.

On the date of departure, the Customer must leave the room unoccupied with people and property and without any damage by 12 noon.

If the room is not left by 12 noon on the day of departure, compensation for the price of one room will be charged immediately. One night's stay in the accommodation is only entitled to use the room during this period if the hotel has room availability; otherwise, it will have to pay compensation and leave the room as soon as possible.


V. Animals

It is expressly forbidden to house animals in O VALE MADALENA.

Customer's introduction of pets into the hotel will allow O VALE MADALENA to immediately terminate the agreement with the Customer and oblige the Customer to exit the hotel without refunding the amounts paid in the meantime for the availability of the room during the contracted period of stay.

VI. Terms of use

Only the persons indicated in the accommodation reservation will be entitled to use the accommodation room.

Clients should treat the room's accommodation with care and consideration.

The Client must treat other clients of the accommodation with consideration and respect the rules of accommodation posted therein, which are also part of the hosting contract.

The Client is not allowed to cook the food brought, either in the room of the accommodation or in any other part of the accommodation facilities.

Children under 12 years old must be supervised by an adult Guest at all times during their stay at the accommodation.

The Customer is strongly advised not to keep or leave any money, jewelry, valuables, or other valuable items left in the accommodation room or in vehicles parked at O VALE MADALENA.

O VALE MADALENA assumes no liability in the event of theft, loss, or deterioration of valuables such as money, jewelry, or other valuable items if such events take place in the accommodation room or inside vehicles parked in the car park.

VII. The access to the room of O VALE MADALENA

O VALE MADALENA and its staff will have the right to enter the accommodation room during the Customer's stay to perform cleaning work or repairs.

Price of stay and other prices

The price of the stay payable by the Client is the consideration for making available the use of the room of the accommodation between the arrival and departure.

The total price of the stay will be charged per night, regardless of whether the customer actually made use of the room or spent the night there.

The applicable rates are the agreed prices or the price indicated in the O VALE MADALENA price table, in force on the date of the contract. O VALE MADALENA will have the right to increase or decrease prices if more than 20 days elapse between the date of the booking by the Client and the date of arrival, or if any taxes, visitor contributions, or other charges are changed or introduced.

The rates and amounts stated in the terms and the accommodation agreement are all plus VAT. Unless expressly provided otherwise.

VIII. Payment Terms

Amount of stay and additional service prices must be paid in advance when the Client arrives at the accommodation, regardless of the billing date.

O VALE MADALENA accepts payment in euros, transfers, CE Maestro, Visa Electron, and credit cards: Visa and MasterCard. Other modes of payment will only be allowed in exceptional cases, with the timely consent of O VALE MADALENA.

IX. Claims for material defects

The Client must inspect the hotel room upon arrival and immediately report any defects found in the reception of the accommodation.

Any defects that may arise during the stay should be reported upon receipt of the accommodation as soon as the Client becomes aware.

In the event that a defect exists in the Customer's room, O VALE MADALENA has the right to choose between repairing it and relocating the Customer, in a room that has at least the same category contracted with the Customer.

For the purposes mentioned above, only serious defects which may undermine the level of service and quality of O VALE MADALENA will not be considered, and O VALE MADALENA will not be obliged to take any action in the case of irrelevant, unreasonable or related complaints with details that do not conflict with the minimum level of contracted service.

If O VALE MADALENA has no means of repairing the relevant defect or replacing the Customer's room with an equivalent or higher category, the Customer may only terminate the contract and receive the price paid for the room and may require nothing more to O VALE MADALENA whatever the title.


X. Responsibility on the part of O VALE MADALENA

O VALE MADALENA shall only be liable for damages or losses of the Client when such facts result from the culpable performance of O VALE MADALENA.

O VALE MADALENA assumes no liability for loss of

data provided by the Customer in case of electronic transmission of payment data being solely responsible in this case there is misconduct.

O VALE MADALENA assumes no responsibility for damage or accidents occurring inside the room or any part of the accommodation.

Unless such accidents originate in the culpable act of O VALE MADALENA.

O VALE DA MADALENA will not be held responsible to the Client in case of delay in the availability of the room as

 long as there is a valid reason.

for the non-timely availability of the room.

For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, valid reasons shall be deemed to make it impossible or more difficult to make the room available, such as:

namely strikes, blockages, natural disasters, accidents in one's own room or accommodation.

In case of delay in the availability of the room beyond 19 hours of the day of booking, the Customer may freely terminate the contract without having the right to demand any compensation from O VALE MADALENA whatever the title.

O VALE MADALENA assumes no responsibility for acts performed by any accommodation worker, unless he is in his normal working hours, duly identified and uniformed as a company worker.

O VALE MADALENA assumes no liability and may in no case be liable for failure to comply with ancillary obligations.

O VALE MADALENA shall not in any case be liable for the act or omission of any other Client, even if it is likely to cause damage or loss to another Client of the accommodation. Any and all damages caused to third parties by Accommodation Customers will be their sole responsibility and completely foreign to O VALE MADALENA.

O VALE MADALENA assumes no liability to the Customer for any lost profits or indirect damages even if resulting from failure to comply with the principal obligation.

XI. Notification Duty

In the event of theft or damage to property or, in the event of fire, water damage, or other damage to the accommodation room, the Customer shall immediately inform the accommodation staff and do everything to assist in the resolution of the theft or repair of damage.

XII. Termination of housing contract

O VALE MADALENA has the right to terminate the accommodation contract if the Customer does not pay the price in full and in a timely manner when it is due or does not provide the required warranty.

Any Contracting Party may terminate the housing contract summarily for cause.

O VALE MADALENA shall have the right to immediately terminate the accommodation contract for cause if the Customer engages in any behavior that affects the good living, quietness, or hygiene of the accommodation, namely if during his stay in the accommodation the Customer is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, use of the accommodation room for prostitution, act offensive to accommodation staff or other O VALE MADALENA clients, disturb the peace of other accommodation clients, or in the past have made reservations false malicious and / or damaged or destroyed the accommodation or its premises.

XIII. Data protection

The Customer is informed that their personal data will be stored and processed by O VALE MADALENA and made available to O VALE MADALENA member companies and selected service providers, in accordance with the Law, for the purpose of contract execution, for services to the Customer and their own advertising campaigns.

Customer entitles O VALE MADALENA to use associated companies and selected service providers to perform data processing and the right to transmit such personal data under this section to companies that allow them to store and process them.

The Customer has the right to object at any time to the use of personal data for advertising purposes, and to do so must report this in writing to O VALE MADALENA.

Unless otherwise specified, the Customer's personal data shall be deleted when the accommodation contract terminates and retention periods

have expired.

Full details of data protection policy can be obtained at the accommodation reception.

XIV. General Provisions

The Terms and Conditions fully govern the Customer's stay in the accommodation and his use of the room.

No verbal agreement has been reached during the accommodation contract and any changes to the contract between the parties will necessarily have to be in a written document signed by both parties, except in the case of a unilateral declaration and in this case a written document signed by the host issuer.

O VALE MADALENA shall have the right to have third parties perform its obligations under and under the housing contract.

The invalidity of one or more of the preceding provisions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision will be replaced by the valid provision, as close to the parties' commercial and legal intentions or if this is not possible under current Portuguese law.

XV. Special conditions apply to group reservations

The term “group” means the booking of at least 5 rooms by a group of persons traveling or staying together. The “group” is bound, in addition to the general obligations, to the specific fulfillment of the obligations contained in this clause.

The group shall appoint a spokesperson for O VALE MADALENA (“leader”).

The “Leader” shall give O VALE MADALENA, prior to arrival at the hotel, a complete list containing the detailed identification, residence, and mobile contact details of each group member.

When making a booking, the leader will receive a booking confirmation from O VALE MADALENA, containing the details of the booking made along with the check-in details and data to secure the booking and any other payment terms.

The group must pay the full amount of the stay charges by bank transfer to the O VALE MADALENA bank account indicated on the booking confirmation or notified by O VALE MADALENA to the leader on the completion of the booking. The group will reimburse O VALE MADALENA for any charges incurred due to full external transfers no later than arrival at the accommodation.

The group's stay, including supplementary service fees, within the meaning of clauses 1 and 4, shall be paid in advance, 50% of the payment due one month prior and the remaining 50% fifteen days prior to the date of entry of the group at the hotel in both cases regardless of the billing date.

The group may cancel the reservation free of charge 15 days in advance of the date of entry into the accommodation.

O VALE MADALENA, in this case, to repay the group all the sums meanwhile paid.

If cancellation is made at least 7 days in advance, one night's stay will be charged in each of the booked rooms, and if cancellation is made less than 7 days in advance O VALE MADALENA will charge the group the overall value of the booked stay.

O VALE MADALENA will reserve rooms of the agreed category accommodation or facilities agreed for the group on the date of arrival according to availability, usually from 2 pm, but in any case no later than 7 pm.

O VALE MADALENA will have the right to demand a deposit of € 500 per group from the leader upon arrival of the group to the hotel which they will keep as a deposit.

The group should receive an invoice for the stay, which will be delivered to the leader.

XVI. Special conditions apply to trade show and special event dates

O VALE MADALENA shall inform the Client about the dates of trade shows and special events at any time of the order and in any case at the latest.

On the date of booking or upon entry. The following information applies to trade show and special event dates, notwithstanding or in addition to the foregoing provisions:

Guaranteed reservations will only be accepted for extended stays. One night bookings will not be allowed.

Payment terms XV. in the clause apply with the necessary changes.

Clause XV.

This applies with the necessary adjustments to cancellations and changes in the length of stay, room categories, or number of rooms.

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